Faith rushes Templar peacekeepers to embattled eta guilds in the south

[begin transmission]

Faith has relocated its Garrison-at-Fields-of-Jigo and stepped up its offensive against anti-eta combatants attacking guild interests in the south, sending hundreds of additional Knights Templar to the province of Ulsu, where fighting in recent days left at least 25 apprenticed to Guild Textilus Group dead.

A similar number of militants from the anti-eta linked Llyr and Moro Dothn Kindred were killed in two fierce gunbattles after an ambush on a Guild Textilus Group supply convoy on Jolo Island, in the same province.

Apostolic Prefect alphaArroyo Ruth Helena ordered the relocation of the Fields-of-Jigo Templar base to Boanga, a city in near Ulsu. The cardinal tribuni and several senior primus have been dispatched there to coordinate what is being described as a massive military operation against the combatants. Disgruntled familial gangs, who have taken to violent protest against Guild Brotherhood and House eta operations seen as complicit in the etaSade scandal, have paralyzed the region.

Two battalions will be pulled out from the central and northern Arcadia, where they have been fighting Kindred criminal guerrillas, and deployed to Ulsu, said a Faithful Templar spokesman.

[end transmission]

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