Eta electorate refuse to unseat Matriarch

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House eta Electorate of Governesses has unanimously vetoed a summons for a Vote of No Confidence by lower households, effectively affirming the sovereignty of the Matriarch. The act assures that the Matriarch will not be forced to abdicate following revelations of corruption, murder and criminal misconduct involving the First Husband, senior House eta authorities and Guilds under their influence.

The Matriarch continues to deny any knowledge or direct involvement in First Husband Edmund etaSade's alleged role in the illegal human labor trafficking conspiracy that has rocked Aideena. The Parliamentary investigation ordered by Faith has yet to uncover evidence contradicting the Matriarch's position.

The lack of evidence has not healed the division the scandal has caused between lower and higher eta Households. Nor has it shielded the Matriarch from severe criticism by the other Great Houses, most vocally House omega and House rho.

Lower eta households, whose poorer clans were largely the victims of the conspiracy, hold that abdication by the Matriarch is necessary to diffuse tribal retaliation, or Sh'Karee, and further harm to the reputation of House eta. In the wake of the conspiracy's disclosure, anti-eta sentiment was fueled street violence and vandalism toward House eta property and Guild operations in several eta domains.

The Electorate's veto is widely condemned by lower household matriarchs as indicative of the Matriarch's failing to assume responsibility for her court's conduct and a further conspiracy to protect wealthier matrons and their families likely complicit in etaSade's crimes.

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